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Partner Basic

Partner Plus 

Partner II

Partner ACS

Release 1.0 Release 1.0 Release 2.0 Release 1
Release 2.0 Release 2.0

Release 3.0

Release 2
Release 3.0 Release 3.0 Release 3.1 Release 3
Release 4.0 Release 3.1 Release 4.0 Release 4
Release 4.1 Release 4.0 Release 4.1 Release 5
Release 4.1 Release 6
Processor Beep Test  

Spirit Merlin Plus  Merlin II
308/616 Release 1 Release 3  
1224/2448 Release 2


Norstar Wiring Norstar BCM Nortel Meridian Resources
308 616 DS DR5 Programming BCM-50 Wiring
616 824 DR5 Feature Codes BCM-50 Notes Mike's PBX Cookbook
824 7208 Overlay BCM-200/400 Notes
CICS 7310/7324 Overlay
MICS KLM Installation



Partner Mail Merlin Mail & MLM 007 Voysys Norstar Voicemail
R1.5-R1.9 Legend Setup Merlin StarTalk
VS Mail R1-R4 Merlin 1030 StarTalk Flash V1.0-1.7
VS Mail R5 Y2K Fix StarTalk Flash V1.9-V2.1
Call Pilot
Voicemail Manager